90210 Turns Gossip into an Art

Brandi Glanville and Taylor Armstrong co-mingle during Kyle's charity event

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were introduced to Brandi Glanville, who attended Kyle Richards’ charity event helping raise money for children with cancer for the Lollipop Theater.

The former model was accessorized with crutches and a cast, but no worries, she still managed to put on one stylish wedge. The ladies found that a bit weird, suggesting, “Who wears stiletto’s with a cast?” Especially when viewers find out Brandi caused the injury by falling in high heels, again! Whoops?!

The charity event took up most of the episode where the ladies came to lend a hand to Kyle in support. Even Mauricio gave a speech informing the attendees of his own battle with a rare blood disease as a child that led to him spending 6 years in the hospital.

Kyle Richards gets the lollipops together for her charity event.

Kim Richards was too tired to come after her trip to Sacramento with Adrienne Maloof.

The Sacramento trip was quite intense and scary even as a spectator. Paul even got punched in the ear as the group moved from the suite to the tunnel.

The group was in agreement that Kim was acting “off” to say the least, but what was really going on with her? Was she intoxicated as Paul claimed? Guess we’ll have to ask her at reunion time!

Camille Grammer was on her yearly trip to Hawaii with her family over the Easter/Spring Break and was not in attendance at the charity event either. We saw her and friend D.D. buy wet suits for surfing. Camille explained that through all of this, she has truly learned who her real friends are after being lied to by Kelsey’s friends, who were aware of his relationship during their marriage with his now wife.

During Taylor Armstrong’s segment of the show, she stormed over to Kyle’s house to show her the leaking news on her rocky marriage/divorce. (To be honest – this has been going on since last season. Regardless of what Taylor had said about their relationship getting stronger after their trip away from the 90210 post filming; the problems are apparent.) Taylor feels that it must be someone close to her telling the press her business and assumes its Lisa. Multiple times, Taylor has been criticized for her weight loss, which is one of the claims she read online. It didn’t help that Kyle harped on it and Lisa brought it up again at the event. (Taylor will you just eat something for once, people will stop talking if you just EAT!)

The charity event led to lots of gossiping from the new girls. Adrienne introduced Brandi to the group, while Taylor brought the other newbie, Dana, who we will see more of in the next episode. (Want more information about the new ladies?) Raising $15,000, the ladies did more chatting than writing checks. Lisa became very interested in Brandi after seeing recent pictures of her with ex-house guest Cedric. So Lisa implemented the saying “keep your enemies closer.”

Adrienne said she likes Brandi because she “speaks her mind.” Maybe not a good thing for these ladies, really Adrienne, you remember last year right?! We saw a prime example of her comments in Brandi’s interview where she called her ex-husband a “douchebag” and air quoted his professional “acting” career. I can only imagine the nice things she’ll have to say about the housewives!

But during the event, in the midst of cliques, only 2 inches away Kyle informed her girls of who Brandi was thanks to her high-profile split. Meow! I can’t be sure, but Brandi was awfully close, so I assume she heard bits and pieces; none which could be taken lightly.

On Watch What Happens Live, Sister Sister and new reality stars Tia and Tamara Mowry were Andy Cohen’s guests. I’m so glad he talked about New Jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga looking like the third Mowry sister.

The poll question was “Is Brandi Harmless or Trouble?” What do you think, so far?

I know she’s trouble. Just wait and watch what happens!


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  1. Mercedes says:

    I would like to know where kyle richards got the peace sign lollypops

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