Beverly Hills Season Finale Weds Farewell to Past Fights … for Now

Lisa's back yard was transformed into the perfectly pink English garden for her daughter, Pandora's wedding.

In the 90210, the talk of the town was Lisa Vanderpump’s daughter, Pandora’s “million dollar wedding.”

Pandora's Cascading Pink Flowers Cake!

It started with a blank canvas, a.k.a. The Vanderpump’s tennis court, and it was transformed into a chi-chi-chic wedding! While Lisa was sure that things were going to fall apart, whether it be the $9,000 wedding cake that her husband Ken helped carry inside, Kevin Lee, the wedding planner, not showing up until the final stages of preparation, or the guests dying of a heat stroke, Lisa couldn’t give up the reins on her daughter’s extravagant Beverly Hills wedding.

Ken, Lisa's husband, gave a speech to Pandora and Jason highlighting his love not only for his daughter, but their union.

All in all, the wedding looked beyond stunning. Lisa and Ken gave great speeches and Pandora and Jason looked happy and gorgeous.

In between the “wedding footage,” we got to see how Dr. Paul Nassif, Adrienne Maloof’s husband, keeps a clean bill of health. Bring on the colonoscopy! And it’s the winner of Grossest Housewives Moment of the Year! Foreshadowing enema’s, footage of the scope, and the hot air releasing out of Dr. Nassif’s behind afterwards that sent Adrienne running clearly couldn’t lose!

We also saw a glimpse into the guests preparation with Housewives Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer. Kyle had to remind husband Mauricio that it was a black-tie affair, but he didn’t have a tux in tow. “I told you it was dark, dark navy,” Mauricio says.  Apparently, it was dark enough that Kyle didn’t notice the difference.

Lisa and Pandora share a moment before she takes her vows.

Camille, on the other hand, needed a final say on her dress selection for the wedding, but decided she didn’t want to take away from Lisa’s super pink fab fashion. As Camille applied her makeup, she began to get emotional about her own daughter’s future courtship’s and even her own future in matrimony. (Possibly with her new boyfriend Dimitri.)

After a beautiful ceremony with lots of smiles and pink roses, it was time to celebrate. Hitting the dance floor hard included the Bickerson’s, who danced for two hours straight at the wedding! Work it!! And even Ms. LaToya Jackson, who was one of the many guests on the list, who got down on the floor.


The ladies (pictured left to right) Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong drink to another successful year of great friendships that have tested their limits.

No, I’m not talking about a VH1 special, but the last 10 minutes were devoted to non-wedding discussion, except it still was! I really thought the season was coming full circle leaving off where it started discussing Taylor Armstrong’s  ex-husband’s death, instead the ladies (minus the Friends of RHOBH and Kim Richards) joined Kyle at her house for an informal get together. Lisa brought some photo’s from the wedding and then we got to see Camille’s new boytoy’s ab’s. Mmmm….god-like. Apparently, he’s not a “disappointment.”

Then came the recent status updates, which included: Taylor, who has been trying to “keep afloat after the tragedy. Facing finacial and legal issues, she’s publishing her memoirs,” says Bravo.

Camille‘s update talked about her still going strong, “hot and heavy” relationship with her new beau.

Lisa‘s recent news discussed her move to a “downsized” 10,000 sq. ft. home and then adding 2,000 more. Something that definitely comes up in the reunion is the beef between neighbors Adrienne and Lisa. In Adrienne‘s wrap up she anticipates having a new neighbor and celebrates her new shoe line’s success.

The news is in Kim is not pregnant! (Ok that felt like a Maury segment!) But as we know in December, she checked herself into a drug and alcohol rehab program (and is unable to make the reunion.) Sister Kyle has been busy writing her advice book for women and even devoting a chapter called, “Sisterly Love,” which we saw throughout the season has been a constant battle and emotionally trying situation for Kyle.

Viewers said this season’s favorite Housewife according to Watch What Happens Live Poll winner is Lisa with 34% and Brandi Glanville 17%, who both happened to be guests on Watch What Happens.

Catch the ladies recap the season, get down and dirty with all the gossip we didn’t see on screen next Monday at 9p.m.


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